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​上杉洋史(うえすぎ ひろし)







1997年にリチャード・カーペンターの日本でのソロツアーにキーボーディストとして参加。2006年にはAKB48のデビューシングル「桜の花びらたち」を作曲。2011年にはスティングの『STING SYMPHONICITY JAPAN TOUR』​の日本公演に東京ニューシティ管弦楽団と共にピアニストとして参加。その他にもアニメ版「きんいろモザイク」の主題歌とエンディングテーマ(歌:Rhodanthe*)の編曲を担当したり、D-LITE (form BIG BANG) 「D'slove」ツアーにキーボーディストとして参加した。






Composer, Arranger, Pianist, Multi-Instrumentalist


Hiroshi Uesugi is a composer, arranger, pianist, and multi-instrumentalist born in Hokkaido, Japan in 1964. He began his musical journey at a young age, enrolling in a small private music school for electronic organs at the age of 6. However, he soon decided to pursue a more free form of music and quit the school at the age of 9.


At the age of 10, Hiroshi moved to Tokyo with his family, where he began to teach himself to play the electronic organ and piano. During his time in junior high school, he purchased his first small analog synthesizer, which he used to record various types of music and sound effects.


After graduating from high school, Hiroshi went on Tokyo Denki University, where he joined a jazz society and formed a piano trio. He also formed an instrumental band with his high school friends and began producing his own compositions.


Hiroshi has been a professional musician for over 30 years, working as a pianist, composer, and arranger with many musicians and singers in Japan.


In 2006, he composed "Sakura no Hanabiratachi", the debut single of AKB48.


In 2011, Hiroshi released his first solo piano mini-album, "Spring Is Here," on Apple Music, Amazon Music, and other music distribution services. The album contains three songs, "Spring is Here," "Sweet Little Eyes," and "Early Flowering Cherry Blossoms."


In January of the same year, Hiroshi had the opportunity to join the Sting Symphonicities Tour in Japan as a pianist for the Tokyo New City Orchestra, which was a significant experience for him.


With his extensive experience in the music industry, Hiroshi Uesugi is a versatile and accomplished musician, composer, and arranger, dedicated to creating beautiful and inspiring music.


Since 2007, he has been a pianist and arranger for Hiromi Iwasaki's concert tours. Since 2016, he has also been the music director and arranger for NHK Utacon.


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