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2006年 AKBのデビューシングル「桜の花びらたち」作曲 同曲は2008年のAKB48のメジャーデビューシングルとしても発売。


2010年 AKB48「桜の栞」作曲

2011年1月、スティングの『STING SYMPHONICITY JAPAN TOUR』に東京ニューシティ管弦楽団とともにピアニストとして参加。



Hiroshi was born in Hokkaido Japan in 1964. At his age of 6, his family moved to Ibaraki prefecture, a northeastern region of Kanto, and he entered a small private music school for electronic organ. But three years after, he quitted the school because he wanted to play more freely. At the age of 10, the family moved to Tokyo. When he was a junior high school student, he bought his first small, analog, monophonic, synthesizer. He enjoyed to record all types of music and sound effects with his synthesizer and two cassette tape recorders. At the age of 17, he started learning to play the piano on his own. After he graduated the high school, he went to an engineering college. He joined a jazz society and formed his own piano trio. He also formed an instrumental band with his friends from high school and started composing his own songs.

After graduated from the college, Hiroshi started his career as a professional musician. For over thirty years, he worked as a pianist, composer, and arranger with many great musicians and singers in Japan. In recent years, he especially focuses on playing the piano and composing songs for solo piano. Some of them are available on his SoundCloud page and YouTube channel.

In 2011, Hiroshi released his first piano solo mini album ‘Spring Is Here’ on iTunes StoreAmazon mp3, and so on. This album contains three songs, ‘Spring is Here’, ‘Sweet Little Eyes’, ‘Early Flowering Cherry Blossoms’.

Hiroshi participated in Sting Symphonicities Tour in Japan as a pianist of Tokyo New City Orchestra in Jan 2011. It was a great opportunity and experience for him. He thanks all the people who gave him such a treasurable opportunity.

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